Saturday, 17 March 2018

GDPR and Drone Operations

I attended a very interesting CPD event at SCSI HQ earlier in the week - it covered upcoming changes to regulations for drone operations and also privacy issues. Privacy for drone surveys had always been a bit of a grey area, the IAA weren't regulating it, the Gardaí weren't - etc. The big change coming down the line will be the EU's General Data Protection Regulations (coming into effect on 28th May) and privacy will be a major consideration then with massive penalties for non-compliance (up to 10% of a companies annual turnover!). Terms such as a data processing impact assessment should put shivers down the spines of anyone considering flying in the coming months until it is clearer what effect it will have on surveyors and also the best way to plan for it.

As the Christine Woods from Matheson explained - "act now as preparation is necessary to achieve compliance".

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Clouds in Google Earth

I just looked at the new Google Earth in my browser - I don't have the desktop version installed ion the DIT PC yet. Your first view is a beautiful 'blue marble' / globe that reminds me of the old Civilisation games.

As I zoomed back out hoping to enjoy the view of the whole hemisphere with Ireland at the centre point, a pile of cloud appeared over the country and most of Western Europe. "What a pain", I thought but also admitted it was quite realistic as it is lashing down outside (the second years spent the day down the minesin Tara, a perfect day for it - warm and dry) and it occurred to me that it just might be a real time feed? So I checked it against the Met Eireann full-disk satellite feed and lo and behold it matched that shape exactly. So real time cloud maps are available by default in Google Earth - impressive.

Google Earth
Met Eireann
Note the matching fishhook shape over Ireland and the arc further to the north. 

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Survey Ireland 2018

Survey Ireland 2018 is scheduled for the 30th May in Dunboyne Castle - the first time at this venue I think. The schedule is not finalised yet but will cross over with 'smart cities' and the enabling survey tech. I hope to present some of our work on satellite mapping of construction in Dublin port at it.

Details here

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Conference of Irish Geographers 2018 - Earth Observation Session

The call for abstracts for the EO session at CIG2018 has gone out - details here. Should be an excellent session and I'm looking forward to seeing friends from Maynooth again. This is the 50th event in the series and will run from Thursday 10th of May to Saturday 12th of May 2018.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Potree Dublin

I refuse to let February go by without posting on the blog but I have never been this busy in all my life. Added to that I have a new gmail log-on for DIT so I can't edit the blog from that! Plus I have to admit that twitter is getting more of my attention these days as you can see from the side panel - its an easy way to pass a train journey and sharing content is much easier than here.

Thanks to Daire letting me know this is working - I tried to show the students a few weeks back but it was down. Potree back in my feed again . You might remember some of my previous posts on this online point cloud viewer - they had a complete RGB pointcloud of Denmark, plus forestry walk thourhgs. Well now they have updated it to include a LiDAR model of Dublin (looks like the UCD one).

Really impressive - no RGB data that I can see but you can colour by intensity, elevation - take measurements.

Friday, 12 January 2018

An chéad staisúin eile - nil sé Maigh Nuaid níos mó

I am checking out from Maynooth University today after nine very interesting years in research. I am sad to leave but it is a great opportunity to advance my own teaching and research as part of a really strong group who feed into the Geo community in Ireland at almost every level. I'm joining the Department of Spatial Information Sciences in DIT as the new lecturer in Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry at the School of Surveying and Construction Management. I haven't gotten a look at my full timetable yet (20 teaching hours per week - yikes, supervision and research additional!) but I will most probably be contributing to the BSc in Geographic Science, the MSc's in Spatial Planning, Geospatial Engineering, GIS or Construction. I know the staff there very well from my own undergrad, SCSI and IIS work over the years and have a few papers in the pipeline with some of them already.

It occurred to me in the shower this morning that if I had proceeded with my original plan of doing a part time PhD instead of opting to go full time - at the end of those nine years I might only now be finishing it! What a horrible thought...

I will miss alot of people but "Geo" in Ireland is a very close-knit community so I'm sure I'll see them everywhere. So long Maigh Nuaid, you'll always be NUIM to me.

Note: The cúpla focail gaeilge that foreign students are sure to acquire over their time in NUIM will include, "An chéad statisúin eile - atá Maigh Nuaid" as it is what you hear on the train as it comes into the town.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

2017 - a year in review

That is it for me in 2017 - another busy but very interesting year. 

One hurricane, two papers published, a big two day conference successfully hosted, joined a new COST action, helped propose a third, one new paper under review, two in prep, two national newspaper articles, two completed reports for OSi change detection project and accompanying modules, a SCSI research project completed.

Two pieces of big news coming in the new year; one relating to the NUIM MSc in GIS and Remote Sensing and another to my future prospects - a change of venue. 

Happy Christmas and New Year to all readers.

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